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What’s with the name, huh? This is the first question I always get. And, no doubt, a good question. The name mostly arose because my humor is all metaphor and euphemism. The Pornstar Bike Company name allows me to make up some silly bike frame names and have the Pornstar Unicornstar as a company mascot. But, from a bike frame perspective, Pornstar Bike Company is sexy, fun, and fillet-brazed mountain bike frames.

The sexy part: Pornstar keeps the operation small and intimate. Small is sexy. Small means I can build each frame with love. Pornstar prides itself on being small in a world where big is the norm. I want to offer you an experience that is becoming more and more difficult to find. When you call Pornstar you talk with me, Ryan, the owner/framebuilder. I’ll work directly with you to build a beautiful frame that you’ll absolutely love to ride and show off to your friends. Each frame I build is the only one of its kind. Uniquely beautiful. Uniquely yours.

The fun part: Riding and building mountain bikes is my passion. Everything in my life revolves around this (sometimes to my own detriment). As a result, I ride a lot and think about bikes way more than I probably should. I put that experience to use with each frame I build, making sure  each frame is up to handling the demands of today’s mountain biking. More importantly, ensuring each frame makes the ride fun! When you do it right, mountain biking takes you back in time to when you were a kid exploring the woods. I want to build you the frame that takes you back to that place during your mountain biking adventures (even as you rotate through other, less loveable bikes in your quiver).

The fillet-brazed part: I build each frame by hand in my garage shop in Denver. Every part of the build happens in that garage. I use an old school fillet-brazing process because it creates a beautiful, bombproof frame. While carbon frames are becoming convention, I’m continuing to build in a way that is increasingly difficult to find and may likely disappear someday. It’s important to me to keep this old school technique alive while combining it with modern mountain bike geometries to create something truly beautiful and unique.

Check out the site. Email, text, or call with any questions. Make a deposit on a frame when you’re ready to get in the queue. I’m excited to work with you on building your sexy, fun, fillet-brazed Pornstar frame!

Have fun. Ride a Pornstar!

-Ryan Harry, Owner/Framebuilder

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