Social Media


Social media has always been a bit of a quandary for me. Most notably, it does not feel authentic. Whenever I post something to social media, I feel like it is contrived and largely an attempt at some future cash grab. It’s simply not me.

More and more, social media goes deeper than my feeling of insincerity. Specifically Facebook (plus Instagram) and Google (plus YouTube) are moving in a simply horrible direction. Facebook has quite plainly been a key player in human rights abuses and election tampering (not sure if that is the best term, but it will do fine) and YouTube is host to a vast number of videos that are garner support for harmfully untrue (Flat Earth) and hateful (New Zealand shooting) perspectives.

Making Sense #152, Sam Harris’ most recent podcast (at the time of my writing), with Roger McNamee is titled “The Trouble with Facebook” and it discusses some pretty appalling details about Facebook and Google, along with its product offerings. Sam has been bringing on guests for many months (if not years) to bring to light the problems with Facebook and Google, but this interview with Roger McNamee really brings it home. I invite you to listen to it at least once. Twice is better.

Sam’s previous podcasts have nearly brought me to action, but this one pushed me over the edge. I’ll offer the caveat that this is likely an overreaction on my part, but I am going to take the following steps towards my being the change I wish to see in the world:

  • I will delete my draft Pornstar Bike Company Facebook page (this is easy, btw, because, although I have one drafted, I’ve never completed it or launched it; I’ll also delete my personal Facebook account)

  • I will delete my PsBikeCo Instagram account (not such a big deal, either, as I really dislike IG; my personal IG account will be deleted too)

  • I will migrate all my videos to a paid Vimeo service and delete my Pornstar Bike Company YouTube channel (some time commitment and financial here, but these are minimal)

  • I will migrate away from using G Suite and onto another platform (this is likely the most significant and time consuming change as I have a lot of Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Photos resources within my G Suite account)

  • I will no longer use Google AdWords (this could hurt a bit as I have routinely used AdWords to drive traffic to key parts of my site)

Now, I am going to keep Twitter as it is seems like the least of the evils out there. Namely, it does not curate the feed like Instagram to feed you only what you are likely to enjoy most. That said, it does have its issues, which I recognize, but I think I can live with myself using Twitter. Plus it offers a way that allows me to not have an email list going (those suck for everyone) and just push current Pornstar events to Twitter.

Ryan Harry