Bike Frame Design Tool v2.1

I use this Google Sheets-based Frame Design Tool as a starting point for all Pornstar frames. It helps make the AutoCAD portion of the design process go much faster. It also acts as a central repository for design features, materials and component costs, along with notes about the design or build. It really ends up being the hub for each individual build.

Although I use the Frame Design Tool in combination with AutoCAD, it can be used by itself. This may behoove the aspiring frame builders out there who don't want to invest in a CAD system.  That said, I highly recommend saving your pennies and investing in a CAD system, especially since you can subscribe one year at a time. 

Anyway, you are welcome to copy, use, and modify the tool as you need to. Just don't claim it as your own work. That's not cool. Instructions are provided along with the tool, below. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, just drop me an email ( 

180321 Bike Frame Design Tool Thumbnail.png