My Mission

I love being outside. I love riding bikes. I love going on adventures in the backcountry. These things create meaning in my life and give me purpose.

My mission is to pass that feeling on to you by giving you the confidence to have fun in the backcountry. I’ll work to accomplish this mission in four ways:

  1. Education: Creating content like the CT Bikepacking Companion page, blog posts, and videos that will give you confidence to travel in the backcountry.

  2. Gear: Building beautiful, bombproof fillet brazed mountain bikes that get you into the backcountry and back out again.

  3. Inspiration: Continuing to promote backcountry experiences through the CT Bikepacking Companion page, blog posts, photos, and videos to get you excited about planning your next backcountry adventure.

  4. Conservation: Providing time and money to organizations that protect the backcountry and backcountry access as well as give you the resources and inspiration to get involved with these organizations.

Help me achieve my mission by supporting Pornstar Bike Company!

What’s With the Name

Why Pornstar? That’s the first question I get whenever I say the name. In all honesty, I chose Pornstar because the name made me uncomfortable (and because I get to make up silly, euphemistic bike frame names as well as have the Pornstar Unicornstar as a mascot!). I’m a pretty introverted person, so the name still makes me a little uncomfortable to say. For some reason I’m attracted to discomfort. But that discomfort leads to a memorable name and a memorable experience. You’re not likely to forget Pornstar Bike Company.

The name also acts as a kind of filter. If you searched for the site or clicked on a link to get here, you have a good sense of humor and/or a healthy dose of curiosity. Each is an essential ingredient to enjoying life (in my opinion, anyway). And having either a sense of humor or curiosity (or both!) mean that we’ll probably get along well when we work together.

Also, the unconventional name creates a bit of a free space outside of the normal cycling industry. I want Pornstar to be different. I don’t want to be like the other bike companies out there. I want to make bombproof steel bikes using old school fillet brazing. I want to build each frame by hand in my garage shop in Denver. While carbon frames are becoming convention, I’m continuing to build in a way that is increasingly difficult to find and may likely disappear someday. Conserving this old school technique while combining it with modern mountain bike geometries is important to me.

Beyond the bike frame I want to put an emphasis on fun backcountry adventure riding rather than lightweight racing. Fun is the key here. Per my stated mission above, I want to support the education, inspiration, and conservation pieces that are essential to having fun in the backcountry, in addition to simply selling bikes. The Pornstar name gives me the white space to focus on these things that are important to me.

When you do it right, mountain biking and backcountry adventures take you back in time to your childhood adventures and explorations. I’m always trying to get back to that pure, fun head space. I think most everyone who rides a mountain bike is trying to get back there too. Hence the tag line:

Have fun. Ride a Pornstar.